Video: One year later, Zapata family gets no answers on Fast and Furious

Drug traffickers murdered ICE agent Jaime Zapata more than a year ago.  The Zapata family believes that their son’s murderers got their weapons from the ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious, and documentation traces at least two of the weapons to dealers known to be under surveillance by the ATF — but the DoJ hasn’t given the Zapatas any answers to their questions.  CNN’s Anderson Cooper talked with House Oversight chair Rep. Darrell Issa about the case and the lack of responsiveness from the DoJ in the Congressional probes:

Cooper should get kudos for keeping up with this story and making sure that it stays on the table, as well as his open approach to Issa. Most of the nine-minute video is dedicated to an in-depth report on Zapata’s murder and the links to Fast & Furious. We need more of this kind of scrutiny if the families of Jaime Zapata and Brian Terry are ever to get real answers as to what happened to them.

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