Video: Canadian father arrested after child draws a gun in school ...

Well, to be fair, the local police did find a gun in Jessie Sansone’s house after they arrested, strip-searched, and held him for hours, after which they pressured him to retroactively consent to their ransacking his house without a warrant.  It was a toy gun:


Jessie Sansone and his family are reeling after he was arrested and strip searched by police after his four-year-old daughter drew a picture of a man with a gun in her Kitchener, Ont., kindergarten class.

The 26-year-old father of four said Saturday the sketch was supposed to be him, getting the bad guys and monsters.

The school must have thought differently, as after Nevaeh drew it Wednesday, the school contacted Family and Children’s Services and they called police.

Waterloo Police met Sansone at the school when he tried to pick up his kids he was told he was charged with possession of a firearm. He was then handcuffed and put him in one of the several squad cars waiting outside, he said.

But hey, this is for the children, right?  So this doesn’t matter at all:

While Sansone was being strip searched at the police station: told to disrobe, lift his testicles and bend over, his wife was home with their 15-month-old daughter.

“They came to my house, told my wife that I had been charged with possession of firearms, that she would have to come with them, and that Sundae (their infant daughter) would have to go with the social worker,” said Sansone. Stephanie called her Mom who rushed over to take Sundae instead. …

Sansone said police searched his house and found a plastic toy gun that shoots foam darts.


Just remember — the Nanny State will give you “rights” only when it pleases them to do so.  When it suspects you may have committed a random act of freedom, they’ll toss any government-granted rights out the window in order to Protect the Children®.  God help you if you’re stockpiling Nerf guns and your daughter has a creative streak in class.

Sounds like a family that may be choosing to home-school in the future, eh?

Update: The Toronto PD were not involved in this incident. The towns of Kitchener and Waterloo are about as close to Toronto as Mankato is to Minneapolis, our Canadian friend Dave Rywall informs me.  I’ve changed the headline and the first paragraph, and apologize for the error.

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