CPAC interview: Hey, who wants to fire Debbie Downer?

Yesterday at CPAC, we had a number of technical issues on Blogger Row, which almost kept me from interviewing the impressive Republican challenger to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Karen Harrington.  Tina wrote about Harrington in November, and the small-business owner came to CPAC to chat with some of the bloggers and push her campaign forward.  In a ten-minute interview, Harrington discusses the changes from redistricting for the race, her work as a restaurateur and the increasing difficulties of taxation and regulation, and the failure of Wasserman Schultz to properly represent her district.  Harrington has a great sense of humor, but even more importantly, has enough resolve to fight for this seat a second time — and hopes Republicans rally around her campaign:

You can contribute to Harrington’s campaign by going to

Notes: First, the lighting in Blogger Row is obviously not optimal for this kind of interview, but we had just a couple of minutes to put this together.  Tina Korbe performed the camera duties, and she demanded credit for it, and threatened to tell some dark secrets about me if I didn’t mention it. (The fact that I caved to this pressure should be in no way taken as acknowledgment of said dark secrets or their authenticity … )  Finally, that is the First Mate sitting behind us and shown between Harrington and myself, and she says hello to all of you.