Video: Bill Whittle's Voters Guide for 2012

Bill Whittle’s back, and just in time, with a voter’s guide to the 2012 election.  There certainly has been a lot of confusion in this cycle, to be sure.  We’ve seen attacks on basic operations within free markets, on marketing one’s experience, and so on … and that’s just from the candidates.  Bill returns in this new Firewall to remind us what principles the Republican Party represents, and the principles espoused by the Occupiers, along with a few laughs along the way:

Lots of great data in this video from Bill, but most Hot Air readers already know this information. Maybe we should pass this around to some of the candidates for the presidency, eh?

Update: I mistakenly called this an Afterburner episode; it’s actually a Firewall episode.  My apologies for the error.