A few notes on yesterday's open registration

After the massive response to our wildly successful open-registration day yesterday, we have a lot of clean-up left to do today and tomorrow, and plenty of people still asking questions about it.  Instead of trying to respond to everyone individually, I thought I would answer a few of them in a FAQ-type post.

I didn’t get the e-mail with my password after registering.  Have I missed the open window?

No, we had a problem with outbound e-mail during the process, but your registration still would have worked.  If you registered on the site and didn’t get your password e-mail response, drop us an e-mail on the Tips line.  If you have already e-mailed us, you don’t need to do so again; our Townhall staff is already working on the e-mail backlog from yesterday and will respond to you today.

Why don’t you keep the open registration open longer than the seven hours it was open yesterday?

We scheduled it when we had support staff in the office to help us out so we could continue writing yesterday.  Even with that 7-hour window, our colleagues worked a 14-hour day, and will be back at it today to finish up.

What if I have read Hot Air every day for years and yet somehow missed the open registration window that was active for seven hours yesterday?

We plan on having another one very soon, depending on how quickly we can address the e-mail issue that gave us fits yesterday.

Really? You guys suck.

Tell us something we don’t know.

I changed my mind about my user name and now want to go by “Hot Gas.”

Stand in line; we got about a dozen of these requests already, and even we thought about changing our name.  Seriously, though, the username is the key field in the database and cannot be edited.  If you made a typo when entering it, we can’t change it now.

After getting my password, my comment(s) isn’t (aren’t) appearing.

The first comment gets moderated, and if you add more comments before we approve your first one, those will get moderated as well.

Why was my new commenter account banned?

Because your previous commenter account was banned.  As we said yesterday, this isn’t an amnesty, and we’re not going to relitigate old complaints.

Did I mention that you guys suck?

So why would you want to comment here, then?

Those who are still waiting for us to reply to your e-mails about lost passwords should remain patient; we will finish that process up today, and you should be able to comment immediately thereafter.  Welcome to Hot Gas, er, Hot Air, and just remember … remain calm — all is well.