Brilliant new ad explains why Obama needs to go

It’s hard to tell whether this is a message from Team Obama or from the Republican National Committee.  If we don’t give Obama a second term, we have an opportunity to roll back all of his policies?  Sign me up!

Jim Geraghty wonders the same:

One is tempted to ask, what “progress” are they talking about?

The 9 percent unemployment? The $3.43 per gallon gas in November? Freddie Mac needing another bailout?

The fact that 5 million U.S. households are either in foreclosure or delinquent on their mortgage, and 11 million homeowners owe more than their homes are worth? The fact that nearly 49 million Americans, almost 15 percent of the U.S., is currently on food stamps?

The angry young people camping in public parks and fighting with police?

Solyndra? Fast and Furious?

Actually, it looks to me like the ad promises that defeating Obama will put an end to camping in public parks. That’s exactly what happens in the ad — the lights go off and the park is emptied out so that everyone else can use it. Again, I’m totally on board with this outcome.

The ad reveals the core election strategy for Team Obama — fear.  “Oooh, without me, America will be scary!”  This strategy comes as no surprise, because after Obama’s record of incompetence and failure, fear is all they have left.