Obamateurism of the Day

I know that Eleanor Clift included this anecdote in her Newsweek article as a slam at Energy Secretary Stephen Chu, but as I wrote yesterday, it says a lot more about Barack Obama than his Cabinet appointee.

Internally, some have questioned Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s role in overseeing the efforts, noting that the Nobel laureate with the keen grasp of physics at times seems to lack political skills. On one occasion, Chu prepared a dense PowerPoint presentation to brief Obama on the complexities of last summer’s BP oil spill. After Chu narrated six slides, one senior adviser who attended the meeting recalled that Obama simply stood up and said, “Steve, I’m done.”

Remember when the media described George W. Bush as “intellectually incurious”?  I’m pretty sure that Bush could make it through more than six Power Point slides explaining a severe environmental accident.  A Cabinet Secretary shouldn’t need “political skills” to get a President to pay attention on issues of importance.

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