Video: OWS meltdown star a Columbia grad student ... with a trust fund

Yeah, I know, you’re shocked, shocked to discover that one of the viral-video stars of the Occupy Movement is a dilettante with a trust fund.  Tina couldn’t decide whether Edward T. Hall III (no, not kidding about the name) was a master satirist or just completely insane, but after Larry O’Connor and Breitbart TV’s investigation, I’m willing to concede that Hall III isn’t going to challenge Jonathan Swift in the near future:

What’s a trust-fund baby doing on a luggage carousel, trying to stow away on a flight at JFK? Probably the same as a trust-fund baby protesting Wall Street while money managers look after his finances. You expected consistency and logic from this crowd? Hall III has to take care not to get arrested at the OWS demonstration, though, because he’s on a “conditional release” after his hijinks at JFK, which means that he can end up back in jail on the original charge if he causes any trouble.

Biggest laugh moment: the New York Times reporter trying to keep a straight face while interviewing Hall III.  It looks like Corey Kilgannon was looking for a baggage carousel himself to take him away from the cliché-spouting subject, who tries to impress the reporter with how deeeeep the Occupy Movement is.  Are Columbia graduates really this clueless, shallow, and prone to sloganeering?  Oh, wait

Meanwhile, non-trust-fund-baby Steven Crowder went to Occupy Dallas to get some interviews and find out what the demonstrators want from their protests. Unfortunately, Occupy Dallas was on a lunch break when he arrived. Yes, the entire demonstration was on lunch break.  Fortunately, Steven got a chance to talk with an End the Fed-9/11 Truther who took the job a little more seriously.  Oh, who are we kidding — a lot more seriously.  Steven breaks down the key aspects of the Occupy Movement, none of which include “coherency”:

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