USCG warns staff after Occupy Boston protesters spit on Coast Guard officer

And here we were, being skeptical that the Occupy Movement was anything like the 1960s:

Coast Guard member spit on near Occupy Boston tents:

The Coast Guard in Boston confirmed that a woman in uniform was harassed and spat upon near Occupy Boston protesters.

The woman was walking to the train and said protesters spit on her twice, called her foul names and even threw a water bottle at her.

Now, the Coast Guard is warning all staff working on Atlantic Avenue to avoid those protesters while in uniform.

A spokesman for Occupy Boston tells Fox that anyone could have shown up at their protest to spit on and harass Coast Guard officers in an attempt to “defamate” the movement. Uh, sure. Two men spent time at Occupy Boston just on the off chance that a uniformed member of the armed forces might walk by so that they could spit on her — just to discredit the movement?

As Fox notes, it’s not the first time that OB leaders have used that excuse:

More than 140 Occupy Boston protesters were arrested earlier this week for refusing to cooperate with police on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

The peaceful protestors say the violence wasn’t supposed to happen and a group of anarchists were the ones rebelling. They say they do not condone that type of behavior.

I know that this is already going to be the first reaction to this story among readers, but let me state it anyway. Had even one Tea Party rally resulted in 140 arrests, defecation on police cars, speakers calling for a violent French Revolution-style change in society, or members of the military getting attacked with spit and epithets, would the national media have offered such a balanced report — or would the media have used any of these incidents to warn America about the latent hate and violence in the movement?

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023