Video: Crowder's TeaCon Midwest set

I’m in Chicago this weekend for TeaCon Midwest, hosted by WIND 560 AM, our Salem Radio affiliate.  Later today I’ll take part in a panel discussion about the presidential race, which will include a Skype video interview with Michele Bachmann and a live appearance by Herman Cain, who will most certainly be the man of the hour after his big week.  The panel includes Andrew Breitbart and Guy Benson, which means it will be lively and informative.  I’m also hoping to get a couple of interviews myself on camera to post here later as well.

The event got off to a hilarious, if politically incorrect start, last night with Steven Crowder.  We get to see his videos, but it isn’t often that we get to see him in his day job, er, night job as a standup comic.  He had the audience roaring with laughter despite a couple of technical malfunctions with his microphone.  If you hear someone repeatedly exclaim, “Oh, my!”, that’s probably Guy Benson: