Video: Obama tells CBC to "stop complaining" and start marching

This is getting big play over at The Blaze and in a couple of our comment threads, but let’s keep a couple of things in mind. The CBC was going to stop complaining soon enough anyway; did anyone think that the CBC would publicly oppose Barack Obama in 2012? I doubt anyone in the room was offended, although having Obama dropping his Gs while telling authentic heroes of the civil-rights movement like Georgia’s John Lewis to take off their bedroom shoes and start marching really should have offended them.  And casting himself as a quasi-martyr for continuing “press on” despite his low approval ratings might not exactly be offensive, but it is at least a little desperate:

Finally, for a man who insisted that he wasn’t indulging in class warfare, this sounded an awful lot like a John Edwards Two Americas speech, didn’t it?  And as far as focusing on real people instead of campaign contributors, let’s not forget that Obama’s last jobs bill put over a half-billion dollars into Solyndra — and whose contributor was Solyndra’s main investor, George Kaiser?

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