Issa endorses Romney

Score this as two House conservatives this week joining Team Mitt.  First came anti-establishment firebrand Jeff Flake, and today another Republican star, Darrell Issa, will add his endorsement, according to Politico:

Darrell Issa, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, will endorse Mitt Romney ahead of tonight’s debate in Florida. Issa’s battles with the White House have made him a hero to conservatives. The endorsement is doubly significant because Issa backed John McCain last time, and his rags-to-riches story gives him credibility with the GOP donor class. Romney sees him as an important asset in California. From Chairman Issa’s forthcoming statement: “The country would be well served to have someone who knows how the economy works and has worked in the private sector. President Obama never worked in the real economy – we can’t afford to have another president who has spent his career outside the real economy.”

Both of these men have solid bona fides among grassroots activists on the Right.  Issa is currently running a series of investigations into the Obama administration’s activities, recently adding the Solyndra scandal to a growing list of probes.  He has been a prominent conservative in a state (California) that isn’t exactly known for conservative thinking.

Will Issa’s endorsement give conservatives a reason to rethink Mitt Romney?