Video: Perry's first ad -- "Proven Leadership"

Politico’s daily e-mail blast Morning Score calls Rick Perry’s first campaign video “an epic new bio spot,” but it’s more like an epic new teaser spot.  It doesn’t give a warm biography of the candidate, except for a background picture of Perry in his Air Force pilot’s jumpsuit.  Instead, the spot takes the first 40 seconds to blast Barack Obama and then set the theme of the Perry campaign, which is that he wants to get America working again:

Tim Pawlenty may have endorsed Mitt Romney, but it looks like Pawlenty’s video team went to work for Perry — and Politico confirms that filmmaker Lucas Baiano did indeed switch to Perry’s team. Pawlenty’s campaign videos had the same Michael Bay feel to them, with dramatic music, quick cuts, filtered shots, and thematic focus, and now we can expect similar ads from Perry.

Substantively it’s a bit weak; I’d have expected Perry to toss in a few statistics about job creation in Texas, especially with a video titled “Proven Leadership.” He has plenty of time to make that argument, of course, and this is a good introduction to the campaign’s central theme — and a good demonstration of how tough Perry will be on Obama in a general election, assuming he gets the nomination. Notice the emphasis on “President Zero”?