Paul: No, Perry didn't assault me

Via The Right Scoop, we have closure on the Perry-assaulted-an-old-man meme that erupted after pictures of Ron Paul and Rick Perry from the debate got published.  I ran a caption contest last night to poke fun of the meme (and the picture), which predictably turned into a kerfuffle over what a bully Rick Perry must have been … while the national news media watched his every move and in front of a live audience of hundreds.  Ron Paul spoke to a Simi Valley gathering and addressed the rumors, telling a rather charming story about teasing a reporter from the Des Moines Register about the incident being “so bad” that he didn’t dare talk about it.  In reality, the first meeting between the two Texans was so unremarkable that Paul doesn’t even recall what was said, but says that the two didn’t exchange any “cross words” at all:

I’m pretty sure that Paul would have had no problem blasting Perry had there been any malice involved in this altercation, so I’d consider The Case Of The Arm Grab officially solved, and that no one dunit.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023