Caption contest: When Perry Met Paul

Allahpundit had a headline item about this picture last night, but let’s toss this out onto the main page for Hot Air readers with a desire to write quirky captions.  Ron Paul tried going on the attack against fellow Texan Rick Perry in last night’s debate, but during a commercial break it seems that Perry gave a more personal response:

NRO’s Katrina Trinko has asked both campaigns for an explanation of the conversation, but in lieu of those explanations, Paul supporters are already assuming that Perry assaulted Paul, as Tommy Christopher reports at Mediaite:

There’s no freakout like a Ron Paul fan freakout. A meme has emerged on the PaulWeb that, during a commercial break in last night’s Republican Presidential Debate, Gov. Rick Perry“assaulted” fellow Texan Ron Paul“suddenlygrab(bing)” Paul’s forearm while “aggressively pointing his index finger towards the Congressman’s face.”

The only “source” for these allegations is an AP photo with a much blander caption, but that’s just what you’d expect from the anti-Paul media, right?

Gee, I don’t know, Tommy.  There’s another photo that might back up this claim:

Obviously, Rick Perry is winding up to give Ron Paul such a slap!  It’s one of those sidewinder slaps, too.  I’m surprised we didn’t see a big red mark on Paul’s cheek later in the debate …

Anyway, add your caption to either or both of these photos in the comments section!  First prize is a chance to tell Rick Perry that he doesn’t measure up to the man who you yourself cited as the reason you left the GOP.  Second prize is two chances to tell that to Perry.  Third prize is … well, you get the idea …

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Jazz Shaw 5:01 PM on March 22, 2023