No Republicans at a Labor Day event?

Via Instapundit, it looks like the unions will be sore losers for some time in Wisconsin. After losing on the public-employee union reforms, the Prosser-Kloppenburg race, and the overall recall effort, Marathon County’s Central Labor Council has decided that it doesn’t want any Republicans at its party on Labor Day. They told Sean Duffy, the Congressional Representative for the area, not to bother showing up for a spot in the parade:

Organizers of a Labor Day parade in Wausau say Republican lawmakers should not attend.

The Marathon County Central Labor Council says it does not want to invite elected officials who have “openly attacked workers’ rights” or did nothing when state workers lost most rights to collectively bargain.

The display of incredible pettiness from the Labor Council and Randy Radtke is not likely to help the union cause. Wisconsin voters were already fed up with the PEUs and the high costs they created for taxpayers, and their displays in Madison and their recall threats have not endeared them to voters, either. Now they have effectively disinvited Republicans in the area from attending the parade at all. So who will benefit from the Labor Day message now? The only people likely to show up for the event will be those Democrats who support the unions already. Instead of having an event that attempts to broaden the reach and influence of the union movement, they’ll be conducting nothing more than a concert to the choir.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the county take control of the Labor Day festivities next year from the Labor Council after this display of petulance and immaturity. And it might be worthwhile to investigate whether the Labor Council is spending funds on a partisan political event now that they have told Republicans to stay away, and whether they are complying with the appropriate regulations on such events.