Video: Crowder on how to be politically incorrect

Steven Crowder takes on Bill Maher and the notion that Maher does anything remotely describable as “politically incorrect” these days in this new video.  It doesn’t exactly take much courage to go after the the entertainment industry’s favorite targets while working in, er, the entertainment industry. Instead, Steven shows what kind of topics a comedian with actual backbone might pursue, assuming one wanted to show some backbone and tell a little truth to actual power:

Steven and I discussed the topic yesterday on the TEMS, and I said that I don’t think Maher really matters all that much, and hasn’t for years. When was the last time Maher had anything substantive to say on anything? Even for a comedian, Maher is one of the least impactful people in politics; whatever one thinks of Jon Stewart and his approach, Stewart usually has something to add about the issues. Maher’s the kid in the back of the class doing fart noises and trying to ingratiate himself with the cool kids by making fun of the less-popular students. That’s all this misogynistic schtick is, just a way to make the right people in his circles think he’s cool enough to notice momentarily.

Steven disagrees, saying that Maher has a big platform at HBO — which is true — and therefore needs to be answered. This isn’t a bad way to do so.