Video: America is gearing up to realize its full energy potential in the West!

Fact: America needs access to vast stores of readily-producible energy.  Fact: America has vast reserves of oil and natural gas in the interior West, now accessible at a cost-efficient and environmentally efficient price.  Put these two facts together, and what does Washington do?  Move rapidly to promote exploration, extraction, and distribution, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and keeping hundreds of billions of dollars at home rather than sending them to despots and kleptocrats, right?

You’re new here, aren’t you?

The Western Energy Alliance rolls out its blueprint for a sane energy policy with this short video from our friend Ted Balaker, highlighting what WEA sees as the key obstacle to American energy independence — a meddling and confiscatory federal government that has locked the US away from its own resources.  Why be Brazil’s best customer and create jobs in South America when we could become our own best customer and keep our dollars on our own shore?