Video: Mexican officials want Fast & Furious officials extradited for trial

Imagine, Fox News’ William Lajeunesse asks, if Mexico had decided to investigate American drug distribution and links to cartels by allowing a flood of cocaine to cross the border for tracking purposes.  Americans would be outraged, especially as deaths mounted, and would demand the extradition of the government officials who sent the cocaine streaming into the US that caused the deaths.  Similarly, some government officials in Mexico want the extradition of ATF and DoJ officials who greenlighted Operation Fast and Furious and flooded their country with illegal weapons:

While I understand their passion, Mexico’s government doesn’t have a very sturdy moral platform on which to preach in this instance. There is ample evidence of official corruption in Mexico that already does send illegal drugs over the border. The US would probably demand extradition if they could identify officials as part of that process, so the point is well taken, but it’s hardly a hypothetical, either.

Besides, those officials should be held accountable here in the US for their handiwork, especially as those guns continue to flood back into the US. The administration’s attempt to score points on those who legally own and purchase weapons in the US backfired when the ATF decided to become an illegal gunrunner itself. There must be accountability for those who ordered and approved the illegal sale and trafficking of these weapons.