Video: Why AGW hysteria is a bad bet

Dr. Roy Spencer teamed up with Declaration Entertainment’s Bill Whittle to produce a new chalk-talk deconstruction of the global-warming debate.  Spencer has a new Encounter Broadside book, The Bad Science and Bad Policy of Obama’s Global Warming Agenda (Kindle version here), discussing his skepticism over the claims of anthropogenic global-warming hysterics who claim that the world is about to end unless we take drastic action now. Spencer explains exactly what is at stake in the debate, and why claims of “consensus” ignore legitimate and deep questions about the science and conclusions of the AGW crowd:

If anything, Spencer might be a little too kind to those who advocate an end to carbon-based energy. There exists a significant number of people hostile to the idea of technological progress at all, who want humans to return to the “dirty, smelly, and difficult” lifestyle in order to make mankind more “natural.” Carbon energy allowed for large-scale advances in longevity, industry, and health, but for those who embrace the Malthusian vision of mankind as some sort of marauding virus in nature, those aren’t advances at all. They’re indications of blight — and they would rather see human numbers cut dramatically.

Most people, though, are concerned about the environment in balance with their ability to live and produce. Those people get seduced by the notion that so-called green energy is ready to replace carbon-based energy either right now or in the immediate future, a promise that has been made for decades and has failed to deliver despite billions and billions in subsidies each year for that purpose. They believe that a choice doesn’t exist between progress and destruction when it comes to limiting energy use, but Spencer makes the reality of this decision very clear in this video. I’m looking forward to reading his Broadside this weekend.