Video: Media all over transparency story involving ... a non-governmental official

The way that MSNBC coos over the story of Sarah Palin’s e-mails from her time as governor, one might think they were perusing Anthony Weiner’s Twitter feed. Not a chance, because if they did that, the media might actually find something. Instead, Andrea Mitchell and Michael Isikoff give the palette of paper the breaking-news treatment, complete with a “DEVELOPING NOW” logo, as if emails from the Alaska government from 2009 and earlier were the hottest story facing the nation:

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Of course, there really isn’t any news in this, not since Alaska announced days ago that they would release the data.  The live-camera action of the cart being rolled out the door is simply gripping, of course, but it does give Isikoff and Mitchell a chance to note that the media has dedicated heavy coverage of the event, which involves someone who so far isn’t in public office nor running for public office.  Wait until the end, when Mitchell and Isikoff chuckle as they read a statement from SarahPAC stating that the e-mails will show “a governor hard at work.”  “We’ll see,” laughs Isikoff.

Well, that’s more than they promised after Anthony Weiner tweeted his underwear-clad genitalia.  But he’s just a member of Congress, so why should they be interested in transparency there?

Update (AP): How bad is it? This bad.