Video: Kaine calls for Weiner's resignation

Via Politico, the local Charlottesville CBS affiliate caught up with former DNC chair and Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine on the campaign trail yesterday. Kaine gives them a brief, upbeat interview about meeting voters in his attempt to keep Senator Jim Webb’s seat for the Democrats, and then demands that Anthony Weiner vacate his in the House. That moment comes at about the 1:10 mark:

Lying is unforgivable. Lying publicly about something like this is unforgivable and he should resign.

Kaine becomes the most prominent Democrat to publicly demand Weiner’s resignation. Don’t look for his successor at the DNC to follow suit; Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is more likely to claim that Republicans are LITERALLY TRYING TO DRAG WEINER BACK TO THE DAYS WHEN THE INTERNET DIDN’T EXIST, or something equally absurd, before she’ll demand Weiner find a new career. But Kaine’s prominence might give other Democrats a green light to get more public with their efforts to get rid of the embarrassment Weiner brings on them.

In fact, it’s a little odd that Kaine would get involved publicly at this stage. He’s not in the House or in Congress at all, so Weiner hardly reflects on Kaine personally. The election is more than a year away in Virginia. Has Weinergate so enraged Virginians that Kaine has to position himself as shocked, shocked that a politician who engages in extramarital phone and text sex would lie to cover it up? If so, imagine how Weinergate might be playing in other tight Senate races in 2012, like Nebraska and Missouri, among others. I for one look forward to Ben Nelson’s firm opposition to public lying, all the while explaining how he sold out his stated pro-life principles to allow ObamaCare to become law. Should be epic.