Open thread: Romney announces his candidacy

The biggest question appears to be whether Sarah Palin’s bus will appear at the live announcement.  The announcement itself holds little drama; Romney has signaled for the past three years that he wants another run at the nomination.  At the moment, he leads most of the polls, although not by much, as the field has crowded together all year long.  Will he say something today that turns this event into a game changer?  Watch here and find out:

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On Thursday, the former Massachusetts governor makes his candidacy official during an appearance at a farm in Stratham, N.H.

With his good looks, able fundraising, strong political organization, solid family and business acumen, Romney sounds like a candidate ordered from central casting to run in a time of economic stress.

But to succeed where he failed four years ago, Romney, 64, will need to convince voters that behind the picture-perfect presentation lurks a human being with a passion to lead and an unshakeable set of convictions.

As the economic indicators turn sour, Romney has a better case to make than most other Republicans on the basis of his private-sector experience. Undoubtedly, that will be his message today.