Audio: More of what Hollywood really thinks about conservatives

Ben Shapiro plans to release audio from interviews he conducted for his just-released book, Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV, a little at a time in a strategy learned from Andrew Breitbart’s ACORN exposes.  The strategy seems to be working pretty well; after debuting with Hot Air and Townhall yesterday, Ben gets the Hollywood Reporter to release a couple of juicy quotes on tape today from television producer Susan Harris (Golden Girls, Soap), legendary TV executive Fred Silverman, and even COPS creator John Langley, who says he prefers to choose segments based on skin color:

Other upcoming videos include:  Family Ties creator Gary David Goldberg explaining how he tried to make Republican character Alex Keaton the bad guy but that actor Michael J. Fox was too darn lovable; and president of MTV Networks Entertainment Group Doug Herzog talking about his network having “superpowers” when it comes to its influence over young people.

The advancement of a gay and lesbian political agenda is mentioned by multiple executives, including  Marcy Carsey, a producer of Soap and Roseanne, and Desperate Housewivesproducer Marc Cherry, who is a rarity in Hollywood: a gay Republican.

In her video, Carsey also says she insisted on portraying characters smoking marijuana inThat ‘70s Show. “If this is a problem for you, we certainly understand, and we just won’t do the show,” she told executives at Fox.

Shapiro released two videos Tuesday, one featuring COPS creator John Langley saying he’s partial to segments where white people are the criminals, and the other has Fred Silverman, the former head of ABC and later NBC, saying “there’s only one perspective, and it’s a very progressive perspective” in TV comedy today.

Let’s offer a couple of the clips here at Hot Air, starting with Harris, who warns Shapiro that conservatives are “medieval” and that “we got Obama elected”:

Wonder what the secret message of MacGyver was? Gun control, according to creator Vin DiBona:

Producer Leonard Goldberg (Blue Bloods, Charlie’s Angels) says that the one-sided political agenda for television is “100% dominant,” and that this is “absolutely” a barrier to entry for conservatives. He uses the late Ron Silver as an example (whom I had the good fortune of interviewing not long before he passed away):

Check out the Hollywood Reporter for even more clips. Ben Shapiro will be on The Ed Morrissey Show next week to discuss his book, its impact on Hollywood, and his rollout strategy.