Video: Hey, who's up for banning Hot Air? Update: Video fixed

And Instapundit, and Drudge Report, and pretty much anything with Andrew Breitbart’s name on it, too.  The Media Research Center indulged in a little experiment on the support for free speech in Georgetown by having Joe Schoffstall walk around with a petition to ban conservative “hate sites” like the aforementioned and yours truly.  Joe discovers that the young people he approached think free speech is great, but not as cool as, say, sports:

“There has to be some control,” one young woman says. “I mean, freedom of speech is good, but, there is a certain modicum of control — I mean, look at the Tea Party.” Yeah, look at that freedom of assembly and freedom of political speech that garnered so much support that Republicans won more new seats in a midterm election than either party had in 72 years. We have to control that kind of thing! I particularly liked the one woman who signed the petition because sites like ours “cause a lot of debate.” Oh, heavens, no! Not debate! Why, then one might have to actually pay attention and think for one’s self!

Most common reaction to the question, “What do you think of the First Amendment?” was “I think it’s great, but ….” Maybe Georgetown should consider remedial Civics and American History classes.