Hot Air welcomes Tina Korbe to the team!

We are delighted to announce that Hot Air has expanded the team — by 50%!   Tina Korbe will join the editorial team, starting today, and will soon be posting her analyses of political issues.  Unlike Allahpundit and me, Tina will be based in Washington DC and will give us first-person reporting on events in our nation’s capital, as well as interviews with movers and shakers.  Viewers of the Ed Morrissey Show have already become acquainted with Tina, who has made two appearances in the past month, the most recent being last Wednesday’s show.  I promise you’ll see her on the show on a more regular basis!

Tina joins us from our friends at the Heritage Foundation, where she worked for my good friend Robert Bluey; she was a staff writer in the Center for Media and Public Policy, Heritage’s investigative journalism outlet.  In February, she traveled to Madison, WI, to provide eyewitness reporting of the teacher union protests there and to personally interview Gov. Scott Walker. That trip led to the creation of the video “Wisconsin: Myths v. Facts,” which quickly became the most-watched Heritage production on the Heritage YouTube channel, with nearly 130,000 views.

Tina also contributed to Heritage’s “Impact of Obamacare” video series and to a series of short videos documenting the ongoing hardships of Gulf coast residents as a result of the administration’s deepwater drilling moratorium and subsequent slowdown in permits.

In May 2010, just a few days before she moved to D.C. to work for Heritage, Tina graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arkansas with a degree in journalism and a minor in Spanish. While there, she served as the editor of the campus newspaper and daily news website, The Arkansas Traveler. While she was editor, the Society of Professional Journalists named The Traveler among the top three non-daily student newspapers in the nation and praised the paper’s “vigorous editorial voice.”

Please join us in welcoming Tina to the Hot Air team!

Update: Here’s a nice note in the comments:

Congratulations to Tina from

We had the pleasure of working with Tina on educational issues and she was professional, thorough, and it was delightful working with her!

We are happy to know she has joined Hotair and the site has made a great choice with having her join the team!

Cheers from Kasey and Gretchen in St. Louis!