Trump: I totally won on the birth certificate issue

Who gets hurt worse by the White House release of Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate?  If you think that it might be the man who practically made it his campaign platform, think again.  Donald Trump says he totally had Adonis DNA on the issue, or something:

Donald Trump, who helped drive questions over President Obama’s birth certificate, said the release Wednesday was a victory for him because he made the president act.

“I am really honored, frankly, to have played such a big role in hopefully, hopefully, getting rid of this issue,” he said, though he said more investigation has to be done. “Now we have to look at it, see is it real, is it proper.”

Really?  Trump had claimed to have investigators probing Obama’s birth, and had declared the birth certificate “missing” as late as yesterday:

Anderson Cooper: You’ve said repeatedly that you have investigators in Hawaii looking into the president’s birth certificate that you’re looking into it very very strongly, that’s a quote. In another interview, you said that your investigators quote can’t believe what they’re finding. We’ve had a team in Hawaii, talking to everyone in the state health dept to the school where Obama’s mother went, other families who were in the hospital at the same time as when he was born, none of them say they’ve been contacted by anyone working for you.

Donald Trump: Well maybe they’re not saying and maybe they’re not contacting the same people Anderson. There’s a lot of people in Hawaii. And frankly it’s hard to believe he just doesn’t issue his birth certificate. It would be so easy to do if in fact he has one. And a birth certificate is not a certificate of live birth, which is a much much lower standard as you know.

“They can’t believe what they’re finding”? Whatever credibility Trump had just dissipated this morning. He won in the same sense that Charlie Sheen is #winning! by getting canned and then embarrassing himself on a national tour.