Beeler on Sir Barack and the Dragon

On Wednesday, Barack Obama tried to claim the mantle of deficit-slayer in a speech that was long on posing and short on actual spending-cut action.  In fact, as I noted at the time, step one of Obama’s “plan” to slay the deficit was to, er, keep “investing” through federal spending.  Nate Beeler at the Washington Examiner casts Obama in the timeless tale of Sir George and the Dragon, and ends up closer to Sir Robin and the Holy Grail:

The only way this depiction could possibly be improved would be to show Sir Barack the Valiant taking the moral high ground by promising to get the dragon to burn 20% fewer houses, while characterizing the townspeople wanting to kill the dragon entirely as heartless purveyors of baby-dragon orphanage.  Otherwise, this is spot-on.

Be sure to check out Nate’s blog for more of his excellent work, featured at the indispensable Examiner.

Update: Can’t believe I missed the scalpel reference!  Patrick Ishmael pointed it out on Twitter.

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