Video: The Obama 2012 launch, featuring everyone but Obama

Barack Obama is running for President in 2012, but he may be the last person we’ll actually see on this campaign.  The Obama 2012 team released its first web ad this morning, but other than a couple of long-distance clips, Obama himself is nowhere to be seen.  Equally absent — any hint of issues or claims of accomplishments:

How much trouble does O-12 face? They couldn’t even find enough enthusiastic people to fill out a commercial. In 2008, it was all about the passion, and yet only one person even mentions this, and only to say that Obama’s too busy to work that magic again. One of the last voices we hear in the ad comes from a North Carolina man who admits that he doesn’t agree with Obama on “everything,” but that he “respects” Obama. Yes, that’s the kind of momentum one longs to see at the start of a presidential campaign.

Andrew Malcolm offers a humorous take on the ad by comparing it to a DeVry commercial, but the better analogy is to an erectile-dysfunction ad.In both cases, the product’s brand gets advertised without ever explicitly saying what exactly it does.  Instead, we get plenty of warm and soft-focus cinematography along with knowing glances and a slightly self-conscious cast.  And in both cases, prolonged effect is potentially dangerous and needs intervention from people who know better.

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David Strom 3:21 PM on March 24, 2023