Video: Pawlenty responds to Obama launch

Notable for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that Tim Pawlenty actually bothers to appear in his own ad.  If the spot from Obama 2012 today recalls all of the ambiance of a Cialis commercial, then Pawlenty’s shorter response looks more like a J.J. Abrams or Jerry Bruckheimer film.  Maybe it’s a little more like the Star Trek reboot, complete with a call for a new cast:

Pawlenty embraces the obvious GOP change platform in this response ad, and it points to a fundamental weakness for Obama as he defends his presidency.  He got election on the promise of Hope and Change, but what change has he brought?  The economy has stalled, spending went through the roof, and not only has he continued American military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, he’s now started a new war in Libya — without asking Congress for authorization.  Meanwhile, he’s been all but invisible on budget debates.

This time around, Obama has to run on the status quo, and given the circumstances, that’s a losing position.

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