Video: Where's my waiver?

No April Fools Day would be complete without a little ego-puncturing humor, but it’s even better when put to a good cause. Steven Crowder does both in his interview with Congressman Weiner, talking about ObamaCare costs and why so many waivers have gone to those who supported the bill — especially unions and states with heavily Democratic Congressional delegations, like New York:

You can request your waiver at the website, and on one or more of several criteria:

Dear President Obama and Secretary Sebelius,

Just as 1,040 businesses, five entire states, and powerful labor unions have received waivers from harmful provisions of ObamaCare, I also want to receive a waiver from those that harm ME! I respectfully request that you grant me a waiver from the law’s:

  • Individual mandate to purchase health insurance
  • Employer mandate to provide health insurance
  • $500 billion in tax increases
  • $1 trillion in Medicare cuts
  • Taxpayer funding of abortion
  • Effective elimination of consumer-driven plans like HSA’s

Be sure to sign up for your waiver today! And in the meantime, remember that laughter is the best medicine.

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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 04, 2022