Obama to spend day "behind closed doors"

Normally, presidential schedules aren’t terribly interesting or revealing, but today’s bears some note. When Barack Obama left the country, he had just ordered America into military action against Libya without asking Congress for authorization, or even consulting Congress in any formal sense.  Leaders on both sides of the aisle have loudly objected to Obama’s arrogance and demanded answers from the White House on the “kinetic military action.”  The President has yet to formally address the country on this new, er, KMA almost a full week after it began.  One might think that Obama’s slightly early return to Washington would have him meeting with Congressional leaders and talking to the public about his new adventure and why it matters to Americans.

Instead, ABC’s Sunlen Miller says Obama will spend the day locked behind closed doors:

In the afternoon, the president will sit down privately with Treasury Secretary Geithner in the Oval Office.

Later, the president will convene a meeting with his national security team on Libya at the White House.

So Treasury’s Tim Geithner takes priority over the national-security team?  And shouldn’t Obama be meeting with John Boehner, Harry Reid, and the chairs and ranking members of the Armed Forces and Foreign Affairs committees in the House and Senate?  When does Obama plan to speak to the American people about this war … at his next fundraiser?

So much for the most transparent administration evah.

CNN and National Journal report that the closed-door urge was so strong, someone inadvertently locked out the President: