Video: Obama on talking the talk

Gosh, Barack Obama likes to talk about deficits, doesn’t he? The NRCC put together a short video of Obama’s Greatest Deficit Hits, along with helpful overlays of the buzzwords he likes to use to remind us just how urgent action has become. We can no longer live off of “credit cards,” Obama advises us … as he sends budgets that borrow 40 cents on the dollar. We have to “bring down” deficits now and we “cannot continue … to kick the can down the road,” although cutting $61 billion from a budget with a $1600 billion hole in it is apparently too radical for the this deficit-hawk-in-theory. It seems that one of the “festering problems” to which Obama refers is himself:

The NRCC isn’t the only group tired of talk from the White House. Members of both parties at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue have had enough as well:

President Barack Obama’s laissez-faire approach to the ongoing spending debate is winning him few friends on Capitol Hill.

Republican and Democratic Members alike are becoming increasingly critical of the president and are demanding the White House immediately step up its role in the standoff over funding the government. And Democrats fear that if Obama doesn’t engage more directly — and soon — they will lose the war of words to the Republicans on the critical issue of federal spending.

Members have used Obama’s upcoming five-day trip to Latin America, which begins Friday, to argue that the administration seems to have other priorities.

As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going … to Brazil. On the subject of talk, though, let’s leave the real question to Adam Baldwin as Animal Mother in Full Metal Jacket (official content warning for language):