Video: Political leader who couldn't pass a budget lectures on fiscal responsibility

If you had to pick the poster child for budgetary irresponsibility over the last few years — and certainly for 2010 — it would have to be former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Not only did Democrats under her Speakership raise discretionary spending 18% in three years, not only did she pass a Pay-Go law and then fail to adhere to it even once, Pelosi became the first Speaker since Watergate to fail to pass a budget resolution for a fiscal year.  In 2010, despite having a 77-seat majority in the House, a Senate which her party held by 18 seats, and a Democrat in the White House, Pelosi failed — or refused — to pass a budget for FY2011.  Instead, she pushed continuing resolutions in order to hide spending until after the midterms, and failed even then to pass a budget.

So of course, she’s the perfect choice for a lecture on … wait for it … fiscal responsibility (via QandO):

The level of chutzpah here is almost biblical, no? “Democrats have long fought for fiscal responsibility…”?  With an entitlement bomb approaching, Democrats added nearly $300 billion annually to discretionary spending in just three budget cycles.  Pelosi refused to fulfill the primary constitutional duty of Congress throughout 2010 merely for political maneuvering, spending 52 weeks shirking her responsibilities.  Now she’s complaining because Republicans have taken 11 weeks in 2011 cleaning up the mess she left behind in 2010.

There may be better examples of shamelessness, but I’m not sure I’d want to see them.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 01, 2022