Reason/CAGW Porker of the Month is ...

Money train, or cash cow? Maybe we should just call it pulled porkReason TV and Citizens Against Government Waste chose Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) as their Porker of the Month for carrying the Obama administration’s water on their $53 billion boondoggle on high-speed rail.  “Frankly,” Nadler tells C-SPAN, the states “are entitled to it.”  Really?

Rep. Nadler is pushing full steam ahead on a $53 billion spending spree for High Speed Rail projects. This of course is after the 8 billion spent on High Speed Rail in the stimulus bill. Both barely begin to cover the estimated $500 billion dollars required for the plan, which many state governments have already rejected due to the massive cost.

Congratulations Rep. Nadler, you are Citizens Against Government Waste’s Porkers of the Month for February, 2011!

Let’s get this straight.  Nadler considers high-speed rail another entitlement program? Of course, at a final cost of a half-trillion dollars, high-speed rail certainly looks like entitlement spending. Small wonder we have so much trouble getting Congress to cut spending.  Nadler and Obama are busy attempting to redefine the entire budget as mandatory spending, as if that portion of federal spending wasn’t already large and troublesome enough.

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