Video: CAIR confronts Allen West

Red meat doesn’t get much redder than this, my friends. Javier Manjarres at the Shark Tank took this video at a townhall meeting conducted by Rep. Allen West, where CAIR’s executive director Nezar Hamze tried to score a couple of points off of West. Instead, West ends up schooling Hamze on history, both ancient and recent, noting pointedly that Hamze’s professions of peace certainly seem to be undermined by some of his brethren in the faith:

Congressman West closed his retort by referencing the Fort Hood shootings and 9-11 attacks, saying that his first hand experiences on the battlefield has given him insight into the tactics that Islamists use before telling Hamze not to “try to blow sunshine up my butt” with his criticism of him. West took offense to Hamze’s amateurish criticism of his stance on radical Islam and concluded by telling Mr. Hamze to “put the microphone down and go home.”

The audience appeared less than impressed with Hamze and his grandstanding, and more than impressed with West’s preparation on the topic.