Pictorial: Protest Saturday in Wisconsin

Yesterday, our intrepid Wisconsin reader Tim R took his trusty digital camera to the protests in Madison again to capture the flavor of the protests.  If you thought the hyperbolic signage from last week was an anomaly, you’ll be surprised to find out from yesterday’s protest that (a) Scott Walker is still Hitler, (b) he’s “exterminating” union members, and (c) Sarah Palin shot someone’s dog.  This last bit is silly, of course; Palin only shoots what she eats.

Let’s start with an example of the union keeping the issue in perspective:

So the Wisconsin Governor is Osama bin Laden because he fulfilled a campaign promise to cut the cost of government?

Remember, these people are teaching Wisconsin children:

Would that be before or after Scott Walker drove a 747 into the state budget?

Congratulations!  You have now protested more against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad than Barack Obama did in the summer of 2009!  Oh, wait, you mean the man your state elected just four months ago as Governor?  Maybe you should peruse a dictionary for the word “dictator” … and take a civics class before teaching one.

Dude, I bet that kid could tell the difference between an elected governor of an American state and the Nazi dictator.  Well, if that kid went to private school, he could.

Help me out, Wisconsin voters.  Exactly what does it take to get a teaching credential in your state?  Apparently there are no requirements for history, civics, or sentient thought.

One has to wonder when the Jewish voters in Wisconsin will get fed up with the budget-cuts-equals-Holocaust rhetoric; this is a particularly egregious example.  No wonder she hid her face when Tim took the picture.


For that matter, Jewish voters might not be the only ones offended by this display.  Any Egyptian refugees in Wisconsin?

Let’s see — teachers promoting abortion.  If they succeed, wouldn’t that put them out of a job?

Anyone surprised by this one?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

I agree with the “fascist union” part.  Seems like they have a deep and abiding affinity for fascists, considering the content of their signage, as well as a complete cluelessness about what fascism actually is.   Which is more fascist: holding a vote on a bill introduced through a newly-elected state legislature, or sending thousands of storm troopers to intimidate the elected legislature into abandoning their business?  Oh, let’s not always see the same hands …

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