Video: What does $3.73 trillion buy, anyway?

Either I’m going to spend all day thinking of the Klondike Bar jingle (“What would you do-oo-ooo for a Klondike bar?”) or humming the Barenaked Ladies’ “If I Had A Million Dollars.” You know, you could get to $3.73 trillion just by singing that song just, oh … three million, seven hundred and thirty thousand times. How’s that for perspective, Rep. Patrick McHenry?

The North Carolina Republican walks through what we could buy for the price of Barack Obama’s proposed budget.  You could also buy four Departments of Defense (without existing equipment), six Social Security outlays, and so on.  Taking 25% of the nation’s GDP for the use of the federal government means we’ll have fewer choices of products and services to purchase, of course, but why worry about that?  Just keep singing and dreaming.  It’s what some Beltway politicians and most bureaucrats do for a living.