CPAC interview with Students for Life of America's Mary Powers

Mary Powers of Students for Life America told me before this interview that this was her first televised interview, which I celebrated by … stumbling over her name on camera.  D’oh! Mary does very well indeed as we discuss the horrifying case of Kermit Gosnell in Pennsylvania and the national media’s near blackout on the case, the Live Action undercover videos at Planned Parenthood, and the investigation conducted by Students for Life of America on mandated university health-care plans and the abortion coverage that students are forced to fund.  Not just students, either — since these come in the form of student fees, Pell Grants and other federal and state funding cover the bill, so we all are paying for abortions and abortion coverage on university and college campuses:

The new study looked at the schools’ health care policies and to see if the school sponsored health care plans covered elective abortions. Students for Life found that 44.3% of schools who offered school sponsored health care plans covered elective abortions. Out of 200 schools, 194 have school sponsored health care plans. Eighty-six of the 194 plans cover elective abortions, and 38 of the 86 schools that offer abortion health care plans automatically charge their students for the abortion service.

Students for Life has further found that there could be federal funding of abortion for the plans through federal education grants such as Federal Pell Grants. You can read more about taxpayer funded student abortions here. In October, SFLA worked with a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives to write the U.S. Department of Education and inquire whether or not the Department was aware of this loophole. To date, the Department of Education has failed to respond.

Mary and the SFLA are doing good work; be sure to follow the links.