CPAC interview with Rep. Steve King: ObamaCare funding mechanisms still in budget bill

Earlier today, I got a few minutes to talk with Iowa’s Rep. Steve King, who appeared at Thursday’s press conference with Andrew Breitbart and Lee Stranahan on the corruption in the Pigford and Pigford II settlements. King is convinced that the scandal reaches all the way to the White House, which he explains in the first part of the video. I ask him whether it also shows the need for reform of class-action lawsuits, which King says should definitely be reviewed as a separate issue with Pigford’s abuses as evidence.

He also expresses delight with the new freshmen in the House GOP caucus that forced leadership to back steeper cuts in the budget. The text of the continuing resolution came down to legislators last night, and King reveals here that it maintains all of the ObamaCare funding mechanisms, despite the pledges to defund ObamaCare from the start.  King will offer an amendment next week to explicitly strip all of the funding mechanisms from the CR; we may have to hit the phones to stiffen backbones on Capitol Hill when he does.

Rep. Steve King talks about Pigford, budget cuts
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