Obamateurism of the Day

During his State of the Union speech, Barack Obama warned Republicans about the futility of living in the past. When addressing the subject of ObamaCare, the President scolded Republicans who won a House majority on the promise of undoing his signature work:

So instead of re-fighting the battles of the last two years, let’s fix what needs fixing and move forward.

Is this the same man who spent the last two years beating this analogy to death?

I want you to think about it this way. Imagine that these folks drove a car into the ditch. And it was a really deep ditch. And somehow they were able to walk away from the accident, but they did nothing to get the car out of the ditch. And so, me and Barbara and Jerry and Antonio, we all put on our boots and we climbed down into the ditch.

And it’s hot down there. Flies are down there — (laughter) — and we’re sweating. But we’re pushing, we’re pushing to get the car out of the ditch. And even though Barbara Boxer is small, she is pushing, too. And we’re all pushing. (Applause.) And as we’re pushing, we look up and the Republicans are all standing there at the top of the ditch. They’re all looking down. And we say, why don’t you come down and help? And they say, no, that’s all right. And then they kick some dirt down into the ditch. (Laughter.) They’re sipping on a Slurpee. They’re fanning themselves. You’re not pushing hard enough, they say. You’re not pushing the right way.

That quote comes from late October, almost two years to the day that Obama won his presidential election. He’s been refighting that same battle ever since — and despite his insistence that the car is out of the ditch, it still looks pretty stuck to those looking for jobs or trying to sell their homes.

Now that the election is over and Obama lost, he suddenly wants to live in the moment. Too bad courts in Virginia and Florida don’t agree.  Maybe he should think of it this way: Congress and Obama drove the Constitution into a ditch, and Republicans have been trying to pull it out ever since …

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