Video: Tucson shooter’s lunatic tour of campus

The Los Angeles Times published the video last night that got Tucson’s mass murderer Jared Lee Loughner kicked off the Pima Community College campus, and it’s easy to see why it made them afraid to have him return.  His tour of the school includes Loughner’s commentary, which demonstrates once again that the perpetrator of six murders and the wounding of fourteen others came from a seriously diseased and incoherent mind whose only politics appear to be psychosis and schizophrenia.  He talks about “torture” of students at PCC, and later “genocide” conducted there while he also talked about living on the campus as a homeless person.  At one point, a teacher greets him and Loughner tells him he’s “pissed off” about the B he received in his class; afterward, he accuses the teacher of taking his “First Amendment rights.”  In between, he talks about “mind control” and grammar, accuses students of being illiterate, talks about how the bookstore sells books “illegally,” and posits that we are censored by our freedom of speech.

There’s obviously no coherent political philosophy contained in Loughner’s mind.  The real question this poses is why no one took action to protect a clearly delusional and paranoid Loughner from himself and others after this video came to light in September.  There is no real content issue, but be aware that it’s pretty disturbing under the circumstances.

Addendum: Normally, I’d be disinclined to post this, but I think it’s relevant after the accusations leveled at grassroots conservatives and a number of politicians that their politics and expression had anything to do with this tragedy.  Clearly, this was a lunatic whose issues had nothing to do with current political debate, as President Obama emphasized in his speech on Wednesday night.