Allred: Hey, I actually enjoyed my TSA patdown

Who knew Gloria Allred has a sense of humor?  Allred debated Sean Hannity about TSA’s new, more aggressive patdowns, and says that she just went through one herself and didn’t mind it at all. At that point, Allred offered a humorous, self-deprecating explanation for why it was such a special experience for her, which probably won’t shock anyone:

Oh, the things we learn from television. But Allred does have a point about taking the temperature of the American public. What do the polls say about junk-touching by TSA? Rasmussen hasn’t polled on the exact question, but two weeks ago, their survey showed that Americans preferred the new scanners to patdowns by a 3-1 margin (69/22).  In March, Rasmussen found a third of Americans who thought that more needed to be done to secure air travel.   That would indicate that Americans are looking for more innovation in airport security, although perhaps not an opportunity for some nostalgic experience from social lives long past.