Obamateurism of the Day

My old friend Jonathan Last found another fine varietal Obama whine in his post-election press conference, part of Barack Obama’s effort to blame the voters for not appreciating how truly awesome he has been as President.  This one also has an element of a pity party, similar to yesterday’s OOTD when Obama complained to CBS’ Chip Reid that no one bothers to ask him how many compliments he gets from world leaders who just angrily rejected his suggestion that they should scold China for doing exactly what the US is doing with its currency management.  Two weeks ago, Obama complained that the cameras don’t catch him doing really awesome work often enough:

Those letters that I read every night, some of them just break my heart.  Some of them provide me encouragement and inspiration.  But nobody is filming me reading those letters.  And so it’s hard, I think, for people to get a sense of, well, how is he taking in all this information?

Is Obama seriously wondering why no one films him reading letters?  What’s next, filming paint dry and fruit flies multiplying?

It hasn’t yet occurred to Obama that voters don’t wonder how he is “taking in all this information” from letters when Obama spent the last two years arrogantly ignoring the demonstrations and anger of the electorate.  It might take a repeat in 2012 for him to finally take in that information, and by that time it will be too late.

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