Obamateurism of the day

Barack Obama is notoriously skittish about press conferences, and will go to almost any length to either avoid them or cut them short.  He outdid himself in Seoul, however, when press from around the world started peppering him about the tough road trip to the G-20.  NDTV in India notes that Obama offered a rather laughable excuse to escape:

By the time 45 minutes had passed, Mr. Obama seemed eager to end the news conference and get on to his next stop: Yokohama, Japan, where he is to attend yet another conference, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. As a president with his own plane, Air Force One, Mr. Obama controls his own schedule. But he cut short his final questioner.

“I’m late for my flight,” the president explained.

Er, would Air Force One leave without the President?  I know airlines like to keep their on-time record as good as possible, but this is ridiculous.  But hey, at least he didn’t tell the press that he had to leave to scoop the poop.

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