What we believe, part 6: Immigration

Declaration Entertainment’s Bill Whittle continues his series of videos, What We Believe, with the sixth entry this week covering immigration.  Whittle first dispels the myth that Tea Party activists are anti-immigration; instead, he explains that the Tea Party movement wants immigration to occur through lawful channels, and then he explains why.  Along the way, Bill also punctures La Raza’s agenda, the notion that illegal immigration doesn’t represent a security threat to the US, and suggests that open-borders advocates in the entertainment industry might try a little personal experience with fence-free living to see how that might work for them:

The US has no real ethnicity, no unique language to unify us.  What unifies this nation is the rule of law.  Our nation is conceptually founded on the principle that a free people can set its own laws and those who wish to live free agree to abide by them.  Laws that don’t work can be repealed or replaced through the open processes of representative government, and in some cases direct democracy (referendums, in some states).  Those who break the laws of a free people should be subject to prosecution — and those who break the law of a free nation in order to gain entry into it should not profit from that lawbreaking.

Thus, as Bill states, illegal immigration and tolerance for it insults those who legally migrate to the US, a process almost everyone supports.  It also insults the rule of law to offer those lawbreakers amnesty, especially a second time.  Besides, securing the border is one of the few legitimate duties that the federal government has under the Constitution, and perhaps it should focus on doing that right before arrogating other authorities and jurisdictions to itself.

Declaration will release its final installment in the What We Believe series, at least for now, late next week.  At that time, expect some news about Bill’s plans to spread this message.