Video: Voter fraud in Minnesota, part MCLXVII

Fox News reported yesterday on a new investigation into voter fraud in my state involving the University of Minnesota chapter of Organizing for America, a DNC-chartered organization, which allegedly attempted to flood voting stations with illegitimate voters through the “vouching” law in the state. The organization Minnesota Majority has repeatedly warned about the vouching process, which allows each Minnesota voter to get up to 15 people access to provisional ballots and same-day registration in each election.  Those who vouch are supposed to know with certainty that the provisional voter is eligible, but basically it provides a clear path for abuse and fraudulent voting:

Minnesota Majority also has a website, Election Integrity Watch, that offers rewards of up to $500 for tips that lead to the conviction of fraudsters.  We could save that money if the state legislature repealed the “vouching” law entirely, and even better, ended same-day registration and started requiring photo ID at the polling stations.  Paying $10 every four years for a state-issued drivers license or ID card is hardly an inordinate burden, and neither is requiring that those who wish to vote prepare for it by registering ahead of time and adding themselves to voter rolls in an orderly manner.

Minnesota’s GOP controls the state legislature for the first time ever.  This would be a good time to reform Minnesota’s electoral system and end the shenanigans and abuse.