Wallace: Matthews asked a stupid question to Bachmann

Via Johnny Dollar, the election coverage from MSNBC has become an excellent marketing tool for … Fox News. Chris Wallace tells Kilmeade and Friends (via Dittos Rush) that the election coverage at their competitor was a demonstration of a Brit Hume proverb of “picking money in the streets,” and that Chris Matthews’ question to Michele Bachmann is Exhibit A:

Meanwhile, Bernard Goldberg declares that MSNBC “jumped the shark” with its reliance on an ideologically identical panel of hosts that ended up beclowning themselves on national TV. Goldberg wonders whether the president of NBC News understands that news people should run election-night coverage, not opinion-show hosts that run the gamut from hard Left to … harder Left:

Finally, here’s Wallace once again, this time on The Daily Show, parrying Jon Stewart’s attacks on Fox and going after MSNBC again. Stewart never quite gets around to acknowledging that Fox gave a much broader spectrum of political thought in its Election Night coverage, or indeed in its normal programming, than MSNBC — which Stewart called “double-A ball,” probably in response to Keith Olbermann’s sniping after last weekend’s rally. Via the Right Scoop:

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