Halperin: Obama has to learn to “respect GOP leadership,” build trust

Well, that is if Barack Obama really wants to get anything done after today’s Tea-nami. Otherwise, Time’s Mark Halperin warns, the second half of his term will be “about nothing,” which will hardly recommend him for a second term in office. That will be a tough lesson for Barack Obama to learn, though, especially since he didn’t deign to meet with the Republican leader in the Senate until … a few weeks ago. As Joe Scarborough relates from a New York Times article, the only reason Obama bothered to do even that much is because Tom Daschle had to explain the political facts of life to him. Needless to say, this doesn’t exactly indicate a man interested in Clintonian triangulation strategies:

Jerry Seinfeld took “a show about nothing” and got a nine-year run out of it. A presidency about nothing will almost certainly get canceled in 2012.