Barney Frank breaking out his secret weapon in final push

How desperate is Barney Frank in his battle with Sean Bielat? This desperate.  Not only does Frank now have Michael Dukakis stumping for him in the district, he’s literally doubling down on Bush-blaming.  Dukakis isn’t content to just blame W, he also goes after Poppy in this attempt to fire up the base.  He even gets in a dig at the 2000 election, just to complete the picture of undying resentment, caught by Fleming & Hayes (which seems to be down, probably due to the traffic hit from our earlier headline link):

At its heart, Dukakis’ message is that (a) Republicans are worse, and (b) things are better than you believe, and all we need is more time to prove it.  Sounds more than a little like the message the GOP tried in 2006 — and unemployment wasn’t anywhere near today’s level then.  The problem for Frank and the Democrats is that their spending hasn’t improved anything at all, nor does anyone think Obamanomics will produce job-creating growth in the next year, either.

Who will they blame in 2012?  Eisenhower?

Update: F&H is back up, so be sure to check out their Beilat video.

Update: I wrote Franklin & Hayes when it should have been Fleming & Hayes.  Sorry about that!